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Rock Climbing Training Camp 2015

 Rock Climbing Training Camp 2015
West Patel Nagar, New Delhi-110008

(On the beautiful land in West Patel Nagar Aravalli Hills Delhi)
Starts from February,2015 to December, 2015

Age Group:  11 yrs  to 40 yrs old                        Timings Duration:   7 to 8 hours in a day

Course Details:
     1.   Basic Rock Climbing Training Camp :-  

       Dates :-  30-31 March, 2015          11-12 April, 2015         25-26 April, 2015

                     4-5 May,2015                  18--19 May                  1-2 June,2015

                     15-16 June,2015               29-30 June, 2015         17-18 Oct. 2015                             
Duration:-  Two Days           Fees:- 1000/- per head           Group Strength:- 30 participants
Age :-11 yrs to 40 yrs               Eligibility :- Physically and Mentally Fit

(For Training Features:- Search 'Basic Rock Climbing Training Camp, 2015')
     2.   Advance Rock Climbing Training Camp :-

          Dates:-  23-24-25 Nov. 2015             11-12-13 Dec. 2015

Duration:-  Three Days        Fees:- 1500/- per head         Group Strength:- 30 participants
Age :-11 yrs to 40 yrs           Eligibility :- 'A' Grade in Basic Rock Climbing Training Camp

(For Training Features:- Search 'Advance Rock Climbing Training Camp, 2015')

     3.   Rescue Rock Climbing Training Camp :-

        Dates :- 27-28-29-30 Dec. 2015
Duration:-  Four Days          Fees:- 2000/- per head          Group Strength:- 24 participants
Age :-11 yrs to 40 yrs           Eligibility :- 'A' Grade in Advance Rock Climbing Training Camp

(For Training Features:- Search 'Rescue Rock Climbing Training Camp, 2015')

     Instructors :- Youth Adventure Club having all professional mountaineers certified by Nehru
                           Institute of Mountaineering and Ramjas Sports & Mountaineering Institute.

     Registration Process:- 
     1.  Registration form is available at Youth Adventure Club Office, 1467/24, Nai Wala, Karol 
          Bagh, New Delhi-110005, Ph-09711264676.
     2.  Form must be completed & dispatched to the office along with course fees.
     3.  Seats are allotted only on the ‘First come first serve basis and registration to the course is 
          rejected if Form is incomplete.
          4.  Course Fees will be change without any prior notice.

          5.  Course fees should be remitted through a cheque / demand draft in favor of
              “Youth Adventure Enterprises” .

          6.   If the required course is not available, vacancy will be given in the next available course.

          Terms & Conditions:- 

          1.    All the participants should bring proper clothing & shoes for climbing, pen, note book &
                 packed lunch for Rock Climbing Training Camp.

          2.    All the participants should reach at 8:00 am everyday of the camp at the Training Area 
                “Ramjas Sports & Mountaineering Institute, 36/17, West Patel Nagar, New Delhi-110008.

          3.    The participants should be physically fit and mentally strong to face the challenges of the 
                 camp life.

          4.    All the participants should fill an application form before joining the camp.

          5.    Youth Adventure Club reserves the right to modify or cancel the course or course itinerary                 under unusual and unforeseen circumstances.
          6.    You are solely responsible for your personal belongings during the course.
          7.    Behavior that can cause danger, annoyance to other or interfering with the procedure may lead             to termination of your participation from the course, with no right to refund. We expect you               to be a responsible trainee.
          8.    We provide basic amenities in the rocks of aravally hills, please don’t expect any luxury
          9.    Rock climbing on mountains requires a degree of personal risk. You are likely to visit training            places where you’ll be facing certain risk, dangers and physical challenges. By participating in            a camp with Youth Adventure Club, you accept that you are aware of the personal risk &
                dangers attendant upon such training and that you assume the risk involved. You hereby 
                assume all such risk and release Youth Adventure Club from all claims and causes of action 
                arising from such damages or injuries or death resulting from these inherent risks.
         10.  In the case of falling ill or suffering an accident during the training, all hospital expenses, 
               doctor fees, evacuation from mountain or any other charges incurred as a direct result of your 
               illness/accident are your responsibilities.
         11. We reserve the right to photograph you during the camping/training and use the image for our 
              website & promotions.

    Facilities: - Instructors, Safety Equipment, Medical Facility, Drinking Water, Free Parking,

    Extra Charges:  Add Rs. 100/- per head-per day for pack Lunch (veg.). You can carry your own 

    For more details please mail us:-
    Contact us: - 09711264676

    Note: -     a.  The Fees will be change without any prior notice.
                    b.  Booking fees will be charged 100%.
                    c.  Book your seat before a week.
                    d.  The payment can also be made through cheque In favor of
                        "Youth Adventure Enterprises" and also can be given cash payment.
                    e.  In case of any accident, illness or injury, Youth Adventure Club and our staff is not 
                        responsible for it in any way.
                   f.  Payment once made will not be refundable / transferable and cancelled.

    Thank you…………..
    Sanjay Gupta
    (Rock Climbing Instructor)
    Youth Adventure Club
    Ramjas Sports and Mountaineering Institute
    011 45097642, 09711264676

Basic Rock Climbing Training Camp, 2015

Age Group: 11 yrs to 40 yrs.                    Timings Duration: Two Days (8 hours for one day)

  Training Features:-

Day One
Arrival Time: - 08:00 AM
       1.        Welcome
       2.        Brief on Rule Regulations & Today Schedule
       3.        Provide Mountaineering Equipment (Responsibilities)
       4.        Scrambling (get knowledge about the training area)
       5.        Start Activities :-

       Lesson one: - Mountaineering Equipment
                     a.   Briefing
                     b.   How to Use
                     c.   Practically Preparation & Practice

       Lesson Two: - Mountaineering Knots
                     a.   Briefing
                     b.   How to tie the knot in different condition
                     c.   Practically Practice & Preparation

       Lesson Three: - Rock Climbing
                     a.   Briefing
                     b.   Rock Climbing Principle
                     c.   Rock Climbing Techniques
                     d.   Demonstration
                     e.   Practically Practice on different rocks with technique & with safety equipment

       6.        REST One Hour…………… (LUNCH TIME)……………………….

                Activities after Rest:-
       Lesson Four : - Anchoring & Belaying
                    a.    Briefing
                    b.    Practically Demonstration with technique
                    c.    Practically Practice with safety equipment

       Lesson Five: - Chimney Climbing
                    a.    Briefing
                    b.    Practically Demonstration with technique
                    c.    Practically Practice with safety equipment

       7.        Feedback
       8.        Brief for next day schedule
       9.        Evening Drink
       10.      Departure Time :- 05:00 PM

Day Two
Arrival Time :- 08:00 AM
       1.        Welcome
       2.        Brief on Today Schedule
       3.        Provide Mountaineering equipment (Responsibilities)
       4.        Start Activities
       5.        Practically Practice & Task on different Rocks
       6.        Practically Practice of Different Knots

       Lesson Six: - Rappelling (Descending)
                  a.     Briefing
                  b.     Practically Demonstration
                  c.     Practically Practice with Technique & safety equipment
        Lesson Seven: -Tyrolean Traverse (River Crossing/ Mountain Crossing)
                 a.     Briefing
                 b.     Practically Demonstration
                 c.     Practically Practice with technique & Safety equipment

       Lesson Eight: - Sport Climbing (Artificial Climbing Wall)
                a.     Briefing
                b.     Practically Demonstration
                c.     Practically Practice with technique & Safety equipment

       7.        REST One Hour……………………(LUNCH TIME)…………………………

              Activities after Rest: -
       Lesson Nine: - Jumaring (Ascending)
               a.     Briefing
               b.     Practically Demonstration
               c.     Practically Practice with technique & Safety Equipment
       8.        Written Test or Viva
       9.        Feedback
       10.      Evening Drink

       Departure Time :- 05:00 PM

       Facilities:  Instructors Charges, Safety Equipment Charges, Camping Area Charges, Snacks,
                     Beverages, Drinking Water, Free Parking, etc.

       Extra Charges: Add Rs. 100/- per head-per day for pack lunch (veg). (You can carry your own